Strategic Partners

Mission Statement

Foundations for Farming exists to fulfill Isaiah 58; to make a plan for the poor by applying biblical wisdom to stewarding faith, family and finances through farming.


Established by Zimbabwean farmer, Brian Oldreive, in 1982. Using the farming system that he developed by copying how God farms in nature, Brian became maize grower of the year, wheat grower of the year and soy grower of the year and set a national maize yield record that stood for 20-years.


1.8 million

farmers in Zimbabwe trained

61% Farmers

Trained Remotely via mobile phone videos, radio, TV and print

Established Food Security

First time in 20 years for Zimbabwe

Partnership with the HeartStone Foundation (Growing Hope)

Foundations for Farming and HeartStone Foundation (Garden for Life is a division of HeartStone) have partnered to extend the simple, applicable, transformative system developed in Zimbabwe to other nations experiencing poverty, hunger and underdevelopment despite abundant access to optimal agricultural conditions.

Since 2021 HeartStone has proven to be a reliable partner with expert production skills and
a passion for the people that Foundations for Farming serves. The HeartStone team has endured the hardship of camping in arid village conditions and even a terrifying elephant charge to capture the heart of what the most marginalized people on the planet face as they scratch a living from the earth’s depleted soils.

Matthew Mbanga, CEO, Foundations for Farming

Become a Partner in Change

  • Expand Reach: Collaborate to bring our programs to new communities, amplifying our collective impact.
  • Innovate Solutions: Combine our expertise to develop innovative approaches to sustainable agriculture and education.
  • Inspire Action: Engage your network to foster a larger, more passionate community of change-makers.